Absinthe: The Forbidden Spirit

Take a trip back to the origins of absinthe!

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Absinth: The Forbidden Spirit 

A picturesque journey through the history, botany and illicit mysteries of the "Green Fairy"

Invented in a small valley in Switzerland, absinthe was the drink of choice for 19th century Bohemians. Van Gogh, Picasso and Oscar Wilde swore by its creative powers. But by the early 20th century, the drink was prohibited around the world. This “other prohibition” lasted nearly 100 years. Only in 2005 was it legal to make absinthe again in Switzerland. This is the story of the invention of the much-feared drink, and of the craftsmen who kept the traditions alive, despite the risks. Swiss journalist Tania Brasseur traveled through the few remote valleys of Switzerland and France where absinthe is made today, and met the people who have brought about absinthe’s renaissance. Along the way she tells the turbulent story of “the green fairy’s” heyday in Paris, and delves into how it is made, how its very success led to its prohibition, and why it has now become a darling of barkeepers everywhere. With more than 100-photos from Tamara Berger, this is an intimate look at a stunning region of Europe never seen this way before. 


About the author

Tania Brasseur is an award-winning Swiss author with a passion for the traditional crafts of Europe. Absinthe: The Forbidden Spirit is her first book in English.


About the illustrator 

Tamara Berger is from the Val-de-Travers. Before discovering her passion for photography, she practiced trail running as a top sport. She specializes in images for reportage and from everyday life, focusing on natural light. One of her favorite parts of her craft is meeting people. 

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ISBN 9783039640195
Pages 224
Dimension 17.5 x 24.5
Launch Date 12.02.2024
Marque Helvetiq
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