Beer Hiking Switzerland

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Monika Saxer


The most refreshing way to discover Switzerland.

Monika Saxer, the author, hiking guide and beer lover, reveals 59 routes for walking and beer drinking enthusiasts.

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Beer Hiking Switzerland

The most refreshing way to discover Switzerland

Monika Saxer, the author, hiking guide and beer lover, reveals 59 routes for walking and beer drinking enthusiasts.

Beer Hiking Switzerland includes 59 hiking routes throughout Switzerland. Lasting between one and six hours, they follow carefully-selected trails chosed for their beauty. The end is without fail near a brewery or a bistro where you can quench your thirst with a local craft beer. Because, as we use to say in french: "Après l'effort, le réconfort!" (more or less equivalent to: after the effort, relaxation!).

Every hiking route includes detailed information: degree of difficulty,  durationaccess with public transportation,  point of interest, but also a description of the beer:  color, nose and taste.

To help you choose your hike, you will find several lists at the end of the book. All the hikes have been thematically listed: starting point, canton, difficulty, as well as the beer which will rewards your efforts.

Those hikes are also a way to support the small breweries. So, let's go walking, savoring and spread the word !


- Walking trails all around Switzerland

- Breathtaking landscapes

- 59 hikes with detailed information

- Public transport accessibility

- Supporting the small breweries movement

- Discover local and craft beers

- Original gift idea

- Also suitable for tee and Rivella lovers !

So, whether with friends or with family, alone or in a group, wear your hiking shoes and hike these tasty trails...

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Monika Saxer

Monika Saxer was born in Würenlingen in the Aargau canton. At the age of twelve, she moves to Buochs, a small village on the banks of Lake Lucerne. “The mountains were nearby, and that is when I became passionate about hiking. Monika now lives in Zurich and is a hiking leader at the Swiss Alpine Club. In her retirement, Monika has time to indulge in her two passions: hiking and beer. To create her beer hikes, she drew inspiration from the list of beer’s producers registered with the Feredal Administration. But she has a hard time pinpointing her favorite brew. “I especially like lighter beers with lots of hop. But it’s impossible for me to choose, because the same beer doesn’t always have the same taste!”
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