Kompromat, an Intense Spy Duel

"Kompromat". A noun derived from the Russian "компромат", and generalised by the KGB during the Cold War. If it strangely sounds a lot like "compromise", then that is not a coincidence: A "Kompromat" is a technique consisting of creating a rumor about your enemy which will compromise them and their spy work. This practice continues to be common in Russia and resonates with current news, such as the Griveaux Scandal. This inspired Adam Porter - author of Pikoko - and Rob Fisher to create this new card game: Kompromat.

Kompromat is played by two people, in a duel, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. There is a rumor circulating around about a public figure. You are both secret agents confronting each other: One tries to make the rumor disappear while the other tries to spread it as much as possible. As the game goes on, put your cards on the table and try to win special missions and skills to gain the upper hand over your rival. Anything goes: counter-espionage, collecting documents and codes… In order to be victorious, you have to win more points than your rival but you can never go over 21, just like in Blackjack. But beware! Collecting 9 notoriety tokens will jeopardize your secret identity and lead you directly to a defeat. Mixing elements of blackjack, collecting and interactive gameplay, Kompromat promises intense and ruthless confrontations. In a playful way, you will develop your sense of intuition and work on your poker face. Also, as you play several rounds, it will allow you to deploy a long-term strategy and keep the suspense high until the last round!

Kompromat completes our new After Dinner Collection, also featuring Captain Bluff, Omerta and Art Robbery. It offers the ideal game for late night parties with friends, with easy to understand rules, lots of interactions and immersive themes.