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At Helvetiq, we are enthusiastic about telling our artists' and titles' stories. Genuine stories. No contrived attempts to capture market share.

Whether you are looking for product information, pictures, samples, or just the video of our office coffee machine making techno beats, we are more than happy to provide you the materials you need. Drop us an email and let's get in touch. / +41 79 916 87 33

Did you know, that...?

- Helvetiq is a team of 23 people.

- We have been in existence since 2008.

- We have published 225 books, 150 games and 50 puzzles.

- Our average age is 33.8 years (but individually we are getting older every year).

- Our sales record is Bandido, a great game that has sold 537,750 copies worldwide!

- Our Beer hiking books sold 252,000 copies worldwide. Terrible competition for white wine!

- Our team members speak French, German and Swiss German, English, Arabic, Spanish, Greek, Chinese, Danish, Farsi, Finnish, Norwegian, Italian, Serbo-Croatian, a little Russian and a pinch of Turkish.

- At Helvetiq, you are free to work remotely and manage your hours as you wish.

- We like fondue and raclette. It's hard to choose!





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