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  1. Trail Running Illustrated (EN)
    Trail running illustrated
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  2. Alp Explorer
    Alp Explorer
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  3. Sweet+Swiss
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Recent Blog Posts

  • Sweet+swiss banner

    Heddi Nieuwsma moved to Switzerland from the United States in 2012. Since her arrival, she has developed a passion for Swiss cuisine, which she wants to introduce to other countries with something other than chocolate and cheese. Via her blog «Cuisine Helvetica», she shares recipes, stories and travel experiences. After «Swiss bread» she invites us to discover Switzerland through 45 desserts.

    How do you usually pick or collect recipes for a book?

    First and foremost, I want to pick recipes for foods that I love to eat myself. Then, because I always try to show the diversity of Switzerland, I s...

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  • dogs who work banner

    Photo of the authors by Thibault-Casier.


    Both from Lausanne,Valeria Aloise and Margot Tissot tell us about the birth of Dogs who work project: an illustrated book dedicated to the jobs of our best friend.

    Valeria, I heard that you have a dog named Arnold and that it was him who inspired you and Margot to write this book. What does Arnold do for a living? And why did you choose this name anyway?

    VALERIA : I have a 9 years old French bulldog. He helped us to find the idea of the book... I explain: with Margot, we really wanted to make...

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  • offsite team

    A few weeks ago we all went to the backforest, a great occasion to talk about books and game but most of all to  strengthen the link between the team members, to know each other better, have fun and talk about futur of Helvetiq. 


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