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Sweet and Swiss

Delicious and easy desserts from the heart of Europe

Trail Running Illustrated

Gear up, train, and race as far as you can

Wine hiking Switzerland

Explore the landscape of Swiss wines

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    Sweet and Swiss
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    Trail running illustrated
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  • wine hiking banner

    1) You have already published a book on Swiss wines, where does your interest in this drink come from and what is different with this book?

    I never drank wine growing up in the US, but at university everyone drank (mostly excessively) beer and cheap wine. So it was a shock to move to Paris in my late twenties and discover that wine was good to excellent, that people drank it...

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  • christmas banner

    Finding gift ideas can be a real challenge. 

    Here is a selection to make sure you hit the nail on the head! Ideas for kids, for adults, for adventure and nature lovers, for gamers ... there is something for everyone!

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  • Heidi VS Zombies banner

    Katie Hayoz was born in the USA but has lived more than half of her life in Switzerland. She writes for all ages, from children to adults. She has a penchant for writing weird, silly, or scary stories and often tries to combine all three.


    1) How did you come up with the idea of "tackling" a myth like Heidi? And why did you mix it with fantasy?

    Heidi has been retold many times by many different people, so taking on her story was nothing new. However, those retellings are usually similar...

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