Latest Swiss and international literary awards from Helvetiq publishing house

by Lisa Waldvogel

Helvetiq has recently won several prestigious literary prizes, both in Switzerland and internationally, for its books C'est ton argent (FR) / Dein Geld und die Welt (DE) by Cécile Biccari, a children's documentary, Le Livre Perdu (FR) / Ein Buch allein im Wald (DE) by Nathalie Wyss and Bernard Utz, a children's liver, and On va tous crever (FR) / Der Letzte löscht das Licht (DE)  by Tobias Aeschbacher, a graphic novel. These awards highlight the exceptional work of our publishing house, recognized by its peers for its commitment to publishing quality works by talented, committed authors. The success of C'est ton argent/Dein Geld und die Welt, Le Livre Perdu/Ein Buch allein im Wald and On va tous crever/Der Letzte löscht das Licht  testifies to the significant impact of our publishing house on the contemporary literary landscape in Switzerland, France and Germany, and we are particularly proud to share it with you. 

Le livre perdu/Ein Buch allein im Wald wins the price Incorrruptibles - Kindergarten selection

Helvetiq first won the prestigious price of the Incorruptibles (35th edition) in the Kindergarten category with Le Livre Perdu/Ein Buch allein im Wald, written by Nathalie Wyss & Bernard Utz and illustrated by Laurence Clément.

The price of the Incorruptibles is a unique literary award, determined by the votes of thousands of child readers. The books are selected by over 1,200 book and children's professionals, divided into 124 reading committees across France and French Polynesia. The aim of the Association des Incorruptibles is to encourage the desire to read among the youngest readers, through reading activities based on a quality selection of books, while giving them a behind-the-scenes look at literary creation, a message that ties in perfectly with the editorial line of our company. With over 525,828 young readers voting, Le livre perdu/Ein Buch allein im Wald was chosen as the best of six children's books for ages 3-6. The awards ceremony took place on June 5, 2024. 

It's no coincidence that it's become a favorite among preschoolers. Le Livre Perdu/Ein Buch allein im Wald is much more than a simple read; it's a truly interactive adventure. Lost in a vast forest, the book is just waiting for you to help it find its way home. But be warned: wolves, foggy swamps and bats make for a bumpy ride! There are even whispers of a witch lurking in the woods.... On every page, children are invited to take part in the story by jumping, shouting, whispering... Thrills and laughter guaranteed! 

Discover our nomination on the Incorruptibles website (FR)

They are talking about Le Livre Perdu/Ein Buch allein im Wald:


"A simply brilliant book!"

-Sud Radio, Le Coup de coeur des libraires 


"In this surprising adventure, the book interacts directly with the reader, making him move, laugh and jump. Shivers assured."

C’est Ton Argent/Dein Geld und die Welt wins first prize in sustainable finance education at the MAIAs Awards

The Livre Perdu's/Ein Buch allein im Wald's distinction doesn't come alone, as Helvetiq is pleased to announce that the documentary book C'est Ton Argent/Dein Geld und die Welt, written by Cecile Biccari and illustrated by Naïade Lacolomb, has won the SKBI Prize for Education in Sustainable Finance. The award was presented on May 30, 2024 at the MAIA Awards ceremony. The MAIAs - Money Awareness and Inclusion Awards - are a global initiative that aims to promote financial education by identifying and rewarding the most innovative and impactful projects.

Financial education - What's that?

The MAIAs were born of a simple reality: two-thirds of the world's population do not understand how money works. While other global problems may seem more critical, a poor financial culture exacerbates poverty, accelerates inequality and destroys social mobility. Money worries are the most frequently cited cause of stress and worsening mental health problems, even contributing to suicide rates.

Celebrating the increasingly important work being done at different scales to help people better understand money and benefit from the financial system, the SKBI MAIAs Prize aims to improve understanding of money, and is awarded by a prestigious jury of researchers, entrepreneurs, economists and financial analysts. 

Michael Gilmore, co-founder of the MAIAs, said: "The SKBI Award for Sustainable Financial Education is particularly close to our hearts at the MAIAs, as it perfectly illustrates one of the huge, but less obvious, problems posed by the lack of financial education in the world. How can we hope to have a financial system that recognizes the importance of the planet, when most people have no idea how to manage their own money, let alone how the financial system works? The more we can educate people about this, the more likely we are to have truly sustainable finance without greenwashing - and Cecile's book is a wonderful contribution to this, as it helps young people see how they can manage their money for their own benefit, and for the benefit of the planet as a whole. Well done!"

A prize that seems tailor-made for the latest children's publication in Helvetiq's Demain/Morgen collection, C'est Ton Argent/Dein Geld und die Welt by Cecile Biccari! This hybrid work, published on March 20, 2024 in French and German, is a clear and playful guide to money, in our lives and in the world. Through a comic strip, young readers first follow little Nora as she discovers a treasure and wonders what she could do with it. Accompanied by Kiko, a mouse specializing in treasure management, she explores different options and realizes the impact her decisions can have not only on her money and personal well-being, but also on the world around her. They then dive into an illustrated documentary that tackles many questions about how money works, but also about the links between money, happiness and the impact of our choices. 

About the authoress

"I felt it was important to raise awareness among the younger generation of the challenges of sustainable and responsible finance, to help them understand how to manage their money intuitively and confidently, while having a positive impact on their lives, those of others and the future of the planet."

Committed to sustainable development for over 20 years, Cecile Biccari has long trained financial professionals in socially responsible investment. For her, financial education is not just about mathematical and conceptual skills, it's also about emotional ones. C'est Ton Argent/Dein Geld und die Welt is her first book. 

Vincent Kaufmann, Director of the Ethos Foundation, which supported the publication of the book, adds: "We are very happy for Cecile. This prize is richly deserved and demonstrates the relevance of her educational approach to promoting responsible investment, as well as her unwavering commitment and strong convictions to contribute to the development of a better, more sustainable world. Ethos looks forward to working with Cecile to develop the Ethos training program for pension funds.


They are talking about C'est Ton Argent/Dein Geld und die Welt 


"In C'est ton argent, Cecile Biccari evokes bartering and other means of exchange before the appearance of money. This illustrated album offers an incursion into the complex monetary system."
-Claire Pasquer, La Liberté

"This colorful book helps explain the value of money to children and the role it plays in our society. After each chapter, explanations are given, from how banknotes are made to how money is saved... So many questions that the youngest readers are bound to ask themselves."
-Soraya Idbouja, Pleine de vie 

"An informative and beautifully illustrated book."
-Michel Cordeboeuf, RCF Radio

"Franco-Swiss author Cecile Biccari explores an often taboo subject in a wonderful album about values, and not just monetary ones."
-Caroline Rieder, 24 Heures 

"Cecile Biccari, an expert in sustainable finance, publishes a book to "provoke exchanges" between children and parents on the role and use of money."
-Servan Peca, Arc Info

"Original in its construction, which oscillates between comic strip and documentary, this album gives young readers a better understanding of money management, and encourages them to reflect on the relationship between money and sustainability, with a view to building a more equitable future."


The English version, Your Money and the World will be published in early 2025 by Helvetiq


Discover our nomination on the website of the MAIAs Awards

Discover the author's presentation of the book to MAIAs! 

On va tous crever/Der Letzte löscht das Licht sweeps all the awards 

Helvetiq is also pleased to announce that Tobias Aeschbacher's On va tous crever/Der Letzte löscht das Licht, published on February 21, 2024 in the Ébulition/Entfalten collection in French and German, has twice won awards at prestigious literary festivals. This fast-paced graphic novel, with its polemical title, plunges us into an extravagant, delirious adventure reminiscent of Tarantino films. The story follows a trio of thugs in search of a stolen funeral urn, taking place in a building inhabited by colorful characters: crooks, a loner, an old man and a ginger cat. This macabre ballet blends black humor, absurd situations and deep introspection, revealing the protagonists' vulnerability and derision in the face of the inexorable deadline looming over them.

Its author, Tobias Aeschbacher, was born in Switzerland and grew up on Tarantino films, pop culture and comic books. He is the co-creator of Kosmos Vertikal magazine, dedicated to the art of comics. After traveling around the world, Tobias settled in Biel, where he works as a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and comic book artist. 

Prix Max & Moritz du Comic Salon d'Erlangen, Allemagne

On va tous crever/Der Letzte löscht das Licht won the prestigious Max und Moritz Prize for Best First German-Language Comic Book at the Erlangen Comic Salon festival. 

The Max und Moritz Preise, the German equivalent of the Prix d'Angoulême and the Eisner Awards in San Diego, are Germany's most important comic book awards. Since their inception, these awards have celebrated the best talents of the German-language ninth art, at ceremonies that bring together the very best of German-language comics writers, including Helvetiq's first-timer! Commenting on his win, Tobias says:

"It's great! It's a great honor to win the Max und Moritz prize. I'm incredibly happy about it, and I'm even more motivated to take on new comics projects."

Discover our nomination on the website of the Comic Salon

Prix Delémont'BD du Festival de Delémont, Suisse

The award from the Erlangen festival doesn't come alone, since at the tenth edition of the Delémont'BD in Switzerland, Tobias Aeschbacher, had also been nominated for the best first work of Swiss comics 2024. 

Founded in 2014, the Delémont BD Festival attracts over 16,000 visitors every year over three days (June 14, 15 and 16, 2024), during which comic book fans can meet Swiss and international authors, and see them rewarded for their work. It has already welcomed authors such as Zep, Hannes Binder and Milo Manara.... And now Tobias!

The illustrator from Biel won the Prix Delémont'BD to thunderous applause and many flowers, as members of the Helvetiq team looked on enthusiastically. 

 Discover our nomination on the website of  Délemont'BD or  in the article of ActuaBD (FR)

They are talking about On va tous crever/Der Letzte löscht das Licht :


"With a rather soft color palette, Tobias Aeschbacher succeeds in offering an absurd and tragic first comic strip where declarations of love resonate as loudly as pistol shots."
-Maën Bayol, L'avis des bulles 


"We enter an unscrupulous, offbeat universe with a dose of black humor."
-Aurélie Monteix, ActuaBD


"On va tous crever is a nugget of black humor and absurdity. Cynical, ironic and lively, this first graphic novel is a real success!"
-Mathilde Ocante, Zoo Le mag


"A comic strip that leans heavily towards Tarantino and macabre, absurdist humor."
-Lu! Et partagé


"Tobias Aeschbacher's bloody graphic novel is littered with corpses. A true Biel Tarantino."

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