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  • 7 Ways to Get your Kids into Tabletop Games

    Kids love to play. Playing games is great for them. Tabletop games make a great starting point for anyone on this mission. But, as a parent, I noticed 7 tricks that really help to get the little ones hooked.

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  • Bandido meets Bandida

    For four years, Bandido tried to escape from prison all by himself - and the mission of the game was to prevent that by closing off every tunnel. Now he gets support. Bandida, the female escape champion, turns the roles of the game upside down. Hadi Barkat, founder of Helvetiq, explains how this sequel came about.


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  • Songs you should (or could) listen while playing games

    Summer time is game time. But what’s a fun game without the appropriate music? Here are some suggestions from the Helvetiq team: songs you should definitely listen to while playing the games - and the dangers that come with them.

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