Jérôme & Emilie Soleil

Emilie, born in 1975 in Paris, has found her recipe for happiness: caring, writing and creating... That's why she alternates between activities as diverse and enriching as a nurse, a sophrologist, an editor, an author of albums and a game designer. And she finds it even better when her beloved ones accompany her in her projects! Jérôme was born in 1973 in Bordeaux. As a child he played with legos and books where you are the hero. When he was older he plunged into drawing and fantasy films. Finally, as an adult, he became a graphic designer, illustrator, husband & father. What makes him happy is that he always has an art project going on, like fiddling with cardboard stuff, painting pages of old books, or inventing games with people he loves! They both live in France, in the Lot. Pas de pitié pour les monstres is their first playful creation, halfway between book and game.

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