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Select the best stones to be able to build your maja pyramid in this familial game, which will ask you to use your anticipation and adaptation skills ! 

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Build the 8th world wonder!

Yaxha dives deep into Mayas pyramids construction of the actual Guatemala. Get the stone blocks to build your own pyramid. Every round, batches of 3 stone blocks are available. Choose the ones that bring some money back home through the various colors. Assemble your blocks wisely to build the most beautiful Maya pyramid and win the game. Of course, your opponents will try to take them away from you. Yaxha is a game with simple rules, but that requiers strategy and a good sense of timing ! 1. Fill the markets with 3 cubes at every round. 2. Without telling your opponents, choose the one that interests you and reveal simultaneously your choice. 3. Assemble your pyramid with the blocks that you brought and try to make the longuest series of colors. Mind the commun goals, since they can make a difference in the final match for victory. So be careful as to whom is getting the most yellows, whom is the most eclectic or whom has the longuest serie, all colors included. 


Content: 120 cubes, 1 canvas bag, 44 cards, 8 tiles, 1 point book


About the author

Baptise Vaiana, born and raised in the Rhône-Alpes region in France, teaches physical education since almost 10 years around Paris. He is a sport enthusiastic himself, but also passionated by board games. By creating his first prototypes, he could observe the positive reactions that this activity procures. He thinks it as rewarding to be the vector of this social link happening around a table, between people that are sometimes complete strangers. Yaxha is his very first game. The idea came to him after a game of Kingdomino. he thought it woud be fun to have 3D dominos to build himself an embossed kingdom. He went naturally with the theme of the pyramid by doing first tests with dominos composed by 2 cubes glued together. Then, as it seemed complicated, he used simple cubes that led to the pyramid form we know today. 


About the illustrator 

Julien Bigot has been a freelance illustrator and motion designer since 2011. Born and raised in Île-de-France, he lives in Germany since 2003. His passion for vector art and colouring has lead him to specialise in visual productions for games, computer graphics and minimalist, often humorous illustrations that flirt with graphic design. You can follow his work on julienbigot.eu.

More Information
EAN 7640139533517
Players 2-4
Dimension 25 x 25 cm
Content 120 cubes, 1 canvas bag, 44 cards, 8 tiles, 1 point book
Launch Date 12.09.2024
Brand Helvetiq
Age 8+
Duration 20'
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