The Geneva Chronicles

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By Anita Lehmann, illustrated by Pierre Wazem.


An illustrated history as told by Allo the Allobrogian and his horse.

History of Geneva, delivered as 17 entertaining and illustrated stories.

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The Geneva Chronicles

An illustrated history as told by Allo the Allobrogian and his horse

From Caesar to Voltaire, watchmaking to the Jet D'Eau, Calvin to Frankenstein, this is the entire history of Geneva - all told by an Allobroges and his horse!

Delivered as 17 entertaining stories, this fascinating and accessible volume is hilariously illustrated by Genevan cartoonist Pierre Wazem.

From the ancient myth of Gargantua to CERN, The Geneva Chronicles packs several millennia into 80 amusing pages.

Anita Lehmann is an award-winning author and historian who has lived in Geneva, Taiwan and the Galapagos Islands. Most recently, she moved with her family and Monty, their white rabbit, to Cambridge, UK.

Plus d’information
Auteur·e Anita Lehmann
ISBN 9783038690948
Pages 80
Dimensions (cm) 19.7 x 25.2 cm
Marque Bergli
Age 6+


Anita Lehmann

Anita Lehmann, auteure primée et historienne, a vécu à Genève, à Taïwan et dans les îles Galápagos. Plus récemment, elle a posé ses valises avec sa famille et Monty, leur lapin blanc, à Cambridge (Royaume-Uni).

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24,90 Fr.