Captain Bluff: Chaos at the Airport

Have you ever been so frustrated at work, that you just felt like making a mess? Tay Boon Keh, baggage handler at the Singapore-Changi airport, was in the same predicament, and did not hesitate. Dissatisfied with having to frequently carry the luggage with only the strength of his arms, one fine morning, he decided to change their arrival destinations, creating a huge chaos in the airport. In Captain Bluff, our new game created by Torsten Landsvogt, you can slip into the shoes of this baggage handler.

They’re coming back from a week under the coconut trees of Honolulu, a road trip on the west coast ending in San Francisco, or a working weekend in Hong Kong. The baggage arrives in the airport and is waiting for their owners. Your goal: Make sure they never end up in their hands. But beware, your opponents have the same idea: You are thrown into a competition, where the first to get rid of all his luggage will be crowned Captain Bluff! To achieve that, every trick in the book is allowed: open new luggage belts, change the departure point or sneakily give your luggage to your opponents to slow them down. To win, bluffing will be your best friend… as long as you don’t get caught red-handed! Work on your memory and sense of strategy with this interactive card game. It is also an excellent opportunity to present your best poker face!

After Omerta, Captain Bluff is the second game in the After Dinner Games collection, recently completed by Kompromat and Art Robbery. The principle? Games that are simple to explain, fun to play, practical to take with you and cool to give away!