Trail Running Illustrated

By Doug Mayer, Brian Metzler, Marion Schreiber


Gear up, train, and race as far as you can.

Whether you’re just stepping off pavement for the first time, or a seasoned pro, dig into this guide to move your trail running forward.
Colorful and easy to peruse, Trail Running Illustrated is filled with tips on technique, gear, diet, injury prevention and treatment, and trail racing.
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Trail Running Illustrated

The art of running free

Trail Running is great fun. Obviously, your eyes are more fixed on the path than when you're out jogging, as to not trip over any roots or rocks. In return, you don't have to cross any busy roads and the traffic you will encounter will mostly be hikers and mountainbikers. It never gets boring. The landscape, flora and fauna, which you will encounter when trail running, are breathtaking. For beginners, this book will explain everything you need to look out for when trail running. It looks at aspects such as nutrition, training, equipment, injury treatment, nature conservation and much more. Experienced runners will learn all about the requirements of Ultra Runs and contests: even experienced runners can learn a thing or two. 

“The gems of information in Trail Running Illustrated will continue your joy as you dive deeper into this sport we all love.”
—Krissy Moehl, two-time winner of the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, and Patagonia-sponsored trail runner

“A comprehensive guide that entertains as well. This book should be on any aspiring trail runner’s must-read list.”
—Michael Benge, editor in chief of Trail Runner Magazine


• Helpful tips and tricks

• Suitable for beginners and professionals

• Written by experienced runners

• Countless illustrations

Weitere Informationen
Autor*in Doug Mayer, Brian Metzler
Illustrator*in Marion Schreiber
ISBN 9782940481897
Größe (cm) 17 x 24 x 2 cm
Marke Helvetiq


Doug Mayer

Doug Mayer praktiziert seit 30 Jahren Trail Running – und ist immer auf der Suche nach der besten Heidelbeertorte in den Alpen.

Brian Metzler

Brian Metzler ist ein Journalist Autor, Lektor, Fotograf und entwirft Contentstrategien. Trail Running ist seine Leidenschaft.


Marion Schreiber

Marion Schreiber ist freiberufliche Art Director und Grafikdesignerin und lebt in Barcelona. Sie ist spezialisiert auf redaktionelles Design, Druck und das Erstellen von Schriftzügen.

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