Fly Home


Save the birds!


Night is falling and the birds are still far from their nests! But beware, the owls are on the prowl...


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Fly Home!

Save the birds


Night is falling and the birds are still far from their nests! Young birdwatchers, join forces to help them find their natural habitats in time. Because soon the owls will wake up!

Fly Home! is a cooperative game that combines observation and memory with a dose of chance. Turn the cards over and look for the common characteristics of the birds: webbed legs or talons, white or orange plumage, migratory or sedentary ... Each one has something in common with its neighbours!

Can you remember the exact position of the birds? Or are you taking risks by looking for other birds? Binoculars can help you, but beware, the owls are ready to go ... The perfect game to learn more about the small feathered animals that live in our gardens and forests.


Category: Memory / Observation

- From environmentally friendly production

- Realistic illustrations

- A memory game with original mechanics

- The perfect game to recognise birds



In collaboration with LA SALAMANDRE



About the author

Chloé Girodon was born in France in 1991. After studying cultural studies, she combined her passion for books and games and became an editor at Helvetiq. When she's not engrossed in the pages of a manuscript, she enjoys hiking, eating biscuits or having fun on a surfboard.



More Information
Illustrator Lisa Voisard
EAN 7640139532800
Players 1-4
Dimension 10 x 15.7 x 4.5 cm
Brand Helvetiq
Age 6+
Duration 20'
Collection Fun by Nature


Lisa Voisard

Lisa Voisard is a graphic designer and illustrator from Lausanne. Since 2016, she has been producing decorative objects such as framed illustrations, textile creations and postcards. Once or twice a year, she organizes exhibitions in the region. Her illustrations are fresh, graphic and colourful. As a nature lover, she likes to be inspired by animals and plants.

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