MUSICIQ - The Game

Un jeu de quiz, de risque et d'ambiance pour les amoureux de musique.

Développé en collaboration avec le Montreux Jazz Festival.

Âge: dès 12 ans

Joueurs: 2-12 (en équipes)

Durée:  45 minutes


Auteurs: Hadi Barkat et Sébastien Pauchon

Illustration: Agathe Altweg et Roxanne Borloz

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MusicIQ The Game

Developed in collaboration with Montreux Jazz Festival

The trivia game for music lovers

Always wanted to test your knowledge in music? Open the box and play!

MusicIQ is the ultimate game for music lovers. It comes with 400 multiple-choice questions spanning most periods and genres. Correct answers are counted as IQ points. It is played in teams over two rounds. The first round tests your knowledge. The second round tests your memory, making the game accessible and fun. You can take risks to score more points, but will you trust your team-mates? 

From the Beatles to Stromae, from vinyl to streaming, from the golden age of hip-hop to bluegrass, this game will help you discover fascinating stories and facts.

Themes: blues, jazz, pop, rock, world, hip-hop, electronic, live, festivals, techno, soundtracks

The goal ?

Teams compete against each other for the highest MUSICIQ.


200 cards (400 MCQs), 1 scorepad, 4 colored pencils, 1 rules booklet 

You will like

•  Featuring fascinating questions and stories about music
•  Played in teams
•  Fast to play, fun to score
•  Favors learning
•  Everyone can win  
•  Party game, perfect to animate an evening

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EAN 7640139530547
Players 2-12
Dimension 15 x 15 x 7.5cm
Weight (g) 400
Brand Helvetiq
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