17 Diciassette


Bluffing, superstition and counterspells - A bluffing game from Japan, illustrated by Petra Eriksson, with a fresh twist. Dive into the “unlucky number 17” theme for fun, fast-paced and tense interactions.

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17 - Diciassette

Bluffing, superstition and counterspells

In Diciassette (17), players take turns to place cards in a central row. While some card values are visible, others remain hidden. Make sure your cards don’t add up to more than 17! If you think you’ve reached or exceeded 17, shout “17!” Use your bluffing and deciphering skills to win.

Diciassette (17) is a bluffing game with very simple rules that provide tension and twists thanks to special cards. Change the direction of the game, force the person after you to play two cards or discard the card previously played. Use every strategy to get 3 points without making a mistake and win the game. 

  • Cards with hidden or visible information for a simple and effective bluff
  • Based on Italian themes, numbers, and superstitions
  • Graphics by Petra Eriksson (Art Robbery)
  • New game mechanics from Japan 

About the author

Born in Tokyo in 1980, Munetoshi Harigaya began his career as a game designer in 2019, while also working as a systems engineer. His aim? “To design games that would be great if they existed,” to unite people and bring them joy. Apart from his passion for games, he has a particular fondness for Japanese soba noodles and enjoys good coffee. Inspiration for his first game, Diciassette, came from the Italian belief that the number 17 brings bad luck. 

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EAN 7640139533456
Players 2-6
Release date 17.04.2024
Brand Helvetiq
Age 8+
Duration 20'
Collection After Dinner
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Fr. 19.90