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Go with the flow & get 4-in-a-row!

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Orbito is a fast-paced, two-player strategy game with very simple rules. Easy to learn, hard to earn ! Take turns placing one of your marbles on the game board and try to get four marbles of your color in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line by moving the game board. But be careful, you must press the Orbito button to end your turn : this will move all the marbles one position into their "orbit" ! You can also counter your opponent's strategy by moving one of their marbles to an adjacent free position during your turn. Create a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row of four balls of your color and win the game !

More Information
Dimensions (cm) 25 x 25 x 6 cm
Weight (g) 670
Content 1 shifting '4x4'-game board with Orbito-button, 8 white marbles, 8 black marbles, Game rules
Release date 01.03.2024
Brand Helvetiq
Age 7+
Duration 15'
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Fr. 29.90