FlexiQ - Takamachi


See it first! Yell it first! A simple concept, but challenging to win. Takamachi is a compact dice game that will challenge your perception skills to the max.

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Divide the 12 dice equally between the players. Roll them all simultaneously and try to be the first one to spot the shape or color that appears the most. Call your answer out loud and flip the hourglass! The other players now have 10 seconds to see if they can find a shape or color that appears more. The winner of a round can remove one of their dice from the game. And so on… until a player gets rid of all their dice.

More Information
Dimensions (cm) 10 x 10 x 4.5 cm
Weight (g) 170
Content 12 dice, 1 timer (10 seconds), game rules
Brand Helvetiq
Age 5+
Duration 15'
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Fr. 14.90