Explore Alpine parks in search of beautiful wildlife. Use strategies to maximize points while limiting your opponents’ chances.

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A photographic mountain hike!

With your camera at the ready, explore the Swiss National Park and photograph animals in their natural habitat. The speckled nutcracker (the emblem of the park), the chamois and the grass frog await you! Score points in an original way, based on the landscape and the interactions with your neighbors. Alpina is a strategic game with simple rules. Will you play a card to collect more points or thwart your opponents? Find the card that allows you to juggle both objectives, and victory will be yours!

About the author 

Luc Rémond, from Dijon in France, was a production engineer for 15 years and is now a stay-at-home dad with a large family. For the past six years, he’s also been creating board games at night, including Miam Miam Miel and Soum Soum (Auzou), Farm & Furious (Loki), Splito (Blam!) and Fruitoplay (Explor8) with co-creator Romaric Galonnier, Sky Team (Le Scorpion Masqué), and many more. Luc is also a keen sportsman and traveler who loves camping in the wilderness and being close to nature.

About the illustrators 

Behind Crocotame are Joëlle Drans and Jérémie Prugneaux. Both have been illustrators and graphic designers for many years. They set up their own studio after working for Holygrail games for a number of years. They live in Nancy and have already worked on Odin and Strato for Helvetiq.

More Information
EAN 7640139533401
Players 2-4
Dimensions (cm) 140 x 140 x 46 mm
Content 56 square cards, 32 wooden cubes in 4 colors
Release date 30.05.2024
Brand Helvetiq
Age 10+
Duration 15'
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Fr. 24.90