Alpine Elixirs

The Swiss Art of Quirky Cocktails, Cozy Coffees, Mouthwatering Milkshakes and More. A delightful introduction to Swiss-themed drinks—with illustrated recipes for every occasion!

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Alpine Elixirs 

A delightful introduction to Swiss-themed drinks—with illustrated recipes for every occasion!

Let bestselling author Andie Pilot take you on a thirst-quenching adventure through the world of Swiss drinks! With almost a hundred recipes for every time of the day, there are cozy drinks to enjoy at home or flamboyant treats when it’s time to celebrate. With many pages of playfully illustrated instructions and beautiful photos of the finished products, this is a book for anyone who knows that drinks can be the highlight of any gathering. Find out the secret of Swiss milk, and how to make the most of it—with delicious hot chocolates, milkshakes, and frothy coffees. Journey to picturesque farms and orchards to learn about apple cider, as well as every imaginable kind of fruit schnapps. A peek into the forests will find drinks flavored with pine boughs, and lead to the most notorious Swiss drink of all—the green fairy, absinthe. Andie introduces you to Europe’s highest brewery and smallest vineyard, as well as the delicate Alpine herbs that feature in everything from syrups to spirits to the country’s legendary ice teas. No tour of Swiss drinks is complete without learning the secrets of après-ski: lots of booze, whipped cream, and a coffee that’s set alight. She also takes readers behind the scenes at distilleries and breweries, talking to the people who craft the drinks, with stories about alchemists, Cesar Ritz, and the dogs of Hospice du Grand-Saint-Bernard. Whether you need a love potion, a drink to conjure a Christmas-market feeling, the perfect wine to serve with your fondue, or just a family-friendly treat, there’s a Swiss drink for everyone. 


About the author 

Andie Pilot is a Canadian-born Swiss chef and the author of two bestselling Swiss cookbooks. She blogs at and posts on Instagram @helvetickitchen.


About the illustrator 

After years of experience as a children’s book editor, Ela decided to pursue her true passion: the visual side of things. Her path to becoming an illustrator and graphic designer was via an Academy of Fine Arts degree and, surprisingly, a UI (user interface) bootcamp. At every opportunity, she escapes the concrete city walls of Warsaw, Poland, to be closer to nature: hiking, cycling, rowing, or kayaking.

More Information
ISBN 9783038691594
Pages 160
Dimensions (cm) 170 x 240
Release date 15.05.2024
Brand Helvetiq
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Fr. 29.90